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Queen’s Gate Terrace apartment by Hogarth Architects

March 28th, 2008


Hogarth Architects have remodelled the interior of a listed apartment on Queen’s Gate Terrace in South Kensington, London.


Retaining the historic fire surround and cornice but removing later
partitions and a false ceiling, the architects inserted a two-level
timber structure containing the kitchen, bathroom, a mezzanine and


“The space is located on the first floor of a listed building,”
explains project architect Hamish Herford. “The fire surround and
cornice, by law, had to remain.”


Herford adds: “The existing space was divided into three rooms with
a false ceiling while the new design aims to restore the space back to
its original proportions, which would have been as one room.”


“The new structure was designed as a large piece of furniture to provide all the functions required by a man about town.”


Photographs are by James Brittain.





“The picture of the small room [above] with a fold down bed is
located on another floor but is part of the same project,” says Herford.

Posted by Rose Etherington


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